Openroads designer training

Cassidy Forsythe is an expert team that offers a range of solutions such as highway, drainage and building design. However, we are also a software training provider. Among others, we are a partner of the Bentley Institute. We have experience with a wide range of their software. As a result we can arrange Bentley Openroads designer training and more.

Below we would like to look at a few pieces of software that we can teach people to use. You can choose sessions to suit your needs. For example, we can do it in classroom or online.

Openroads Navigator

This is dynamic mobile software. It is capable of offering rapid access to civil data. You obtain this while out in the field.

What makes Navigator so attractive is its ease of use. You are able to augment, analyse, and view all sorts of project information in an interactive way. It is possible for users to review 2D topographies, 3D models, and existing terrain. This can help to minimise the risk and ensure you make more informed decisions about the work.


This piece or software allows you to generate conceptual designs quickly. As a result it can also enhance the decision-making that takes place. Using real-world data and cost analysis, you can explore your conceptual design options. You can then make the right decisions for your project.

You can use Conceptstation for many things. For example, you can streamline 3D modelling using the engineering sketching. As a result you will be able to conceptualise bridge and road infrastructure very quickly.

In addition, you are free to produce 3D layouts that also show project costs. In order to determine the best option, you can share them with your stakeholders and project teams too.

Something else you are able to share is realistic visualisations. This makes it easier to get feedback. It can also speed up project approvals and enhance engagement.

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Cassidy Forsythe is here to offer clients uninterrupted chances for learning. With our help, you can improve your skills and career. We will teach you to be proficient with various pieces of wonderful software. This will make you a better designer.

If you would like more information about us or the Openroads designer training, please get in touch. We are happy to receive questions and will help you to choose the right service.